My Show with Jake and Alex Ep. 6: Thanks a lot, Snapple

June 30, 2017

Chop, chop, let's go. In another one-topic show, Alex and Jake go after technology. How can they stay on topic for so long? Well...they can't. That's part of the fun. Anyway, the boys go after socail media, social currency, camera phones, trench foot and a leak of a new Red Arrow production. Hold on to your butts, this is going to be a good one.


My Show with Alex and Jake Ep. 5: Off the rails with this one

June 30, 2017

It's been said once and it must be said again. Nothing ever comes out in post. Anyway, Jake is still excited fresh off his trip to Pain in the Grass Festival bringing on conversation about concerts. This brough up partnerships for Alex and we learn just how little Jake really knows about Facebook.


My Show with Alex and Jake Ep. 4: Straight to Act 2

June 23, 2017

While some may say this podcast is always pointless, the themes today are both things the guys find pointless. Whether it's seeing Thomas and Martha Wayne for the thirtieth time or learning that homework will be weighted, this episode is about the things Jake and Alex find pointless. The guys also announce a couple new projects coming down the pipe.

The audio levels aren't quite right. We're still working on making this all work out the way we want it to. We think it's improving, let us know what you think.







My Show with Jake and Alex Ep. 3: As much sports credibility as Bill Walton

June 16, 2017

With apologies to Jake's good friend Bill, the boys go after golf and eventually start a conversation about what is and what is not an athlete. After the conversation, I think they're more confused than when they began. Check out the new start time! We thought this would be a nice way to kick off your Friday morning. Enjoy!


My Show with Jake and Alex Ep. 2: Motivation and Fighting Games

June 10, 2017

Alex and Jake address their trios of fans!

At some level, the boys come full circle and bring this thing around. Alex leads the discussion on a topic important to himself, motivation. Meanwhile, Jake digs "deep" to bring up the topic of fighting games. Alex is just as passionate but in a different direction.


My Show with Jake and Alex Ep. 1 - Playoffs

June 3, 2017

My show is the tangential ramblings of two collective heads of knuckle. Alex and Jake co-host a show that tries to cover a broad range of topics without taking anything too seriously.

In the inaugural episode of My Show with Alex and Jake the guys take on the playoffs. Not just the NBA playoffs, playoffs in general.

Watch out. Hot takes ahead.

Oh, and Jake didn't take anything out in post.